the ahl schedule is released; #ads89

I am writing a post on this blog for the first time in a long time so that’s cool.  Let’s see what happened while I’ve been tweeting mostly

Utah Grizzlies (1995–2005)
Utah Grizzlies (1995–2005). New ECHL affiliate.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • Josh Brittain went to the Bears
  • PL3 went to WBS
  • The Utah Grizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz are your new ECHL affiliate
  • Sheldon Souray got an injury which means Sami Vatanen may see more playing time with the Ducks



The big news, of course, is the AHL schedule. Finally released after the NBA schedule, the AHL’s slate of games is real interesting if your team is not Norfolk. On the plus side, the Ads get to play every team in the Eastern Conference except St John’s at least twice at home. This includes teams like Manchester and Portland.


Norfolk Admirals
#Ads89 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Division play is of the utmost importance, as the Ads play each of their Eastern Division opponents 8 times. The only opponent they play as often is Charlotte. Unfortunately, it’s a really boring schedule with no other Western Conference teams.  I made you a schedule, red is home, gold is away: #Ads89 schedule.


Finally, I’m trying to get #Ads89 started. It’s a take off of the Columbus Crew’s #crew96, and I’m not ashamed.



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