trent yawney’s 1st intermission locker room speech

On Saturday night, the Norfolk Admirals closed out a 2-game set against the Hartford Wolf Pack. After the first period, the Ads were only down 1-0 after an odd deflection.  Aside from that unlucky bounce, Norfolk had a strong opening frame. Things would go downhill in the second, and the Admirals would eventually lose 3-1. Sources close to BTS have revealed some of the audio from Yawney’s 1st intermission speech.

YAWNEY: Well, there, boys, we had a nice period out there. Gibby kept things close…..bad bounce there. We’ve got to….close off the angles from the boards. Now…. about the rest of the period…

You guys played very fast and attacked the net and had a lot of rebound opportunities. What, what, what is that? That’s expletive unacceptable! We need to lay back in our zone !….. (Expletive) Clear it and then take a shot! Don’t expletive try to get the puck in their o-zone again!….. go out there and grind, grind, grind!

(At this point assistant head coach Jarrod Skalde speaks)

SKALDE: Coach, I think we….might want to keep up the play, I mean..

YAWNEY: No. We are going to expletive live and die by the back end. Net and defense. It’s worked for us all expletive year, why would we…change now? Hey You!

(Yawney may have talked to one of the players. Our source isn’t clear about this)

YAWNEY: Now that that’s over…we’re gonna go on there after these damn cars tear up the expletive ice and play with grit!  Remember, we want to play in the backend! Goals will come somehow…. We don’t need to worry about the offensive zone too much…..we’ll get a damn penalty and make it up!… Let’s get out there and expletive grind!


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