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Today has been a weird day for this blog.  Behind the Scope has its highest view and visitor count since the projections post in summer. I’ll get to that in a bit.  First, a big rumor. 

I’ll admit to this: I occasionally lurk on the Admirals Zone message board.  Around since 1997, it might be one of the oldest minor league specific message boards in all of hockey. Sometimes, I’ll peruse to see what anyone has to say or if there’s something worth noting. Generally, it’s a bunch of mild, good-natured banter about the Ads. I did see something recently about Anaheim prospect Nick Sorensen possibly joining the team. All credit where it’s due, message board poster “Randy” brought it up.

I neglected to include Nick Sorensen in my original ATO primer because of his draft year and the fact that he’s a 1994 birthday. Due in part to the weird CHL-NHL-AHL agreement rules, Sorensen will be eligible for the AHL because he will turn 20 by the end of the calendar year. I didn’t think that was necessarily the rule for whatever reason. I made a mistake. I think that’s some sort of accountability?  Now to the focus–Nick Sorensen.

Nick Sorensen is a 2013 draft pick of the Ducks who has played his entire career with the Quebec Remparts of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, or QMJHL.  The Q is known as the most high-scoring of the three major junior leagues, and Sorensen definitely put up points.  Like Rickard Rakell before him, Sorensen was chosen in the CHL Import Draft and got his footing in the North American game.   The Swedish winger got off to a rocky start in 2011-12, only registering 9 points in 8 games with the Remparts. Sorensen has been every bit the playmaker in his past two years.  His 2012-13 season saw him register 20+27=47 and he made a nice jump this year with 31+30=61 points.

His playoff appearances with Quebec are also notable, despite short stays for the team.  The 2013 playoffs saw him put up 7+3=10 points in 8 games and he put up 6+3=9 in 5 games this year.  With numbers like that, it’s expected that he will be a top contributor next year, with the predicted full graduations of Emerson Etem and Devante Smith-Pelly to the NHL.

In the meantime, Sorensen will be expected to contribute some depth scoring among the third and possibly fourth lines as the Admirals look to clinch that playoff spot.  Sorensen, by the way, will be the first 2013 draft pick to play professionally with the Ducks organization if he makes his debut this weekend.

Stats from

Reports from two Quebec papers/reporters on Sorensen: Quebec Hedbo // Kathleen Lavoie




welcome to beneath the scope, board readers

Now that we’ve got the business out of the way, let me introduce you.  Beneath The Scope is a blog about the Norfolk Admirals that I started in the summer of 2013. I can’t remember what compelled me to do this, exactly, besides boredom. I haven’t written enough and I’m a bit disappointed with that.  One person runs this whole thing, which was sparsely updated for a bit. At its best, I hope to provide a bit of a light-hearted analysis and maybe some humor. I might be wrong some times.

One of the things I noticed on a post (by member “Kalvinators”) was that he mentioned Time On Ice estimates. As much as I’d love to lay claim to those, I did not make those. I state in that post, and will re-state here, that those are made by the very talented Josh Weissbock. Josh has done the most work I have seen with AHL and CHL level advanced stats. Working with very raw data, he’s been able to estimate some things like PDO and TOI for a lot of teams. I recommend following him on Twitter, he’s a great guy and helped me complete two of my most detailed-posts.

If you’re not familiar with the AHL in and of itself, there are a lot of people worth following who have a lot of passion for the league. Here are some people I enjoy following for one reason or another on Twitter who are AHL favorites, clicking gets you to their pages.

In the Division 

Jason Iacona/Chips from Center Ice- Jason does a superb job covering and reporting on Norfolk’s division rival Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins. Chips has a nice clean look, is easy to read, and has lots of easy-to-follow links. Every Monday, Jason steps out and provides a Power Ranking of AHL teams.

Bob Howard/Power Play Post Show: Bob Howard hosts what most be the only AHL talk show on the Internet. He’s joined by co-host Megan Reiff just about every show, as well. Howard is your source for another division rival, the Binghamton Senators.

Sweetest Hockey on Earth– SHOE is a bit more monolithic (not entirely true) than a lot of AHL blogs. It’s the companion site to the fantastic Capitals blog Russian Machine Never Breaks, covering division rival Hershey.

Allovimo/Chairman How’s Glorious Army- If you want information on Norfolk’s newest rival Syracuse, Allovimo’s oft-updated Chairman How’s is your place to go.

Outside the Division

Steph/@myregularfaceIf that Twitter handle is familiar, don’t be surprised. Steph’s GIFs have been taking off in popularity as of late. Her work has been seen on national outlets like, BarDown, and SBNation amongst others.  Steph regularly covers the AHL’s Providence Bruins for Stanley Cup of Chowder and the Manchester Monarchs for Jewels From the Crown, both on the SBNation network.

Tracy Lake/Thoughts Inside the Box: One of the teams the Admirals are sort of chasing for the playoffs are the Albany Devils.  If you want more information on them, your best follow is Tracy.

Darryl Hunt/ Sharks Fanpage: Writing for one of the oldest sports blogs (according to their Twitter), Darryl covers the Sharks minor league affiliate. If you want to know what’s up with your Californian rival, Ducks fans, give Darryl a follow.

Chasing Checkers: Norfolk’s only Western conference opponent is the Charlotte Checkers. For all things Carolina Hurricanes AHL, go there.

Tending The Farm:  While the Norfolk  Admirals don’t play Oklahoma City, Tend The Farm is a well put-together website.


Finally…you can follow me @BeneathScope.


Mat Clark won the Admirals’ Man of the Year Award….Igor Bobkov is once again the ECHL Goaltender of the Month….


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