ahl all-rookie announced. john gibson not named.

John Gibson has a list of accolades at age 20 that many 15-year veterans can’t touch. Gibson started his first NHL game on Monday and recorded a tidy 18-save shutout against the Vancouver Canucks.  One award will forever elude him-AHL All-Rookie. 

Despite being arguably the most important piece of this year’s Norfolk Admirals, John Gibson did not receive the honor of being named to the AHL All-Rookie team.  The goalie slot Abbotsford Heat goalie Joni Ortio instead. Games played may have been a major, if unknowable factor.  Let’s compare the two:



Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 4.16.49 PM

John Gibson vs joni ortio (pdf)


Despite playing more games, Gibson faces average of about 3 shots less a game than Ortio. Thus, Ortio is given a slightly bigger task in  front of him on a game-to-game basis when it comes to his play. Even with three more shots faced per game (in a shortened time frame), Ortio has managed to keep a .924 save percentage.  As such, Ortio looks much better with a sizable lead on what we tend to think of as the best statistic to measure goaltenders right now.

To be honest, the nature of the AHL may distort the numbers.  Gibson has played in 11 more games than Ortio, and those 11 appearances may have cost the Norfolk netminder the award. Unlike most rookies, Gibson has been thrust into a starting role and has played minutes closer to AHL veterans like David Leggio and Drew MacIntyre.  As a result, Gibson’s save percentage numbers are a bit more realistic when it comes to his first year in professional hockey. If Ortio plays closer to 40 games, then there is a much larger chance that his save percentage takes a hit and is closer to Gibson’s.  We will never know this, however, because there is no time left to close that gap. We also can’t go back in time and prevent Ortio from his recall to the Flames.  Thus, variance that could have affected the selection is unknowable. You know, John Gibson might have been snubbed.

ryan strome vs anyone else

Something non-Admirals bothered me and a few other people about this year’s AHL All-Star team. Former Bridgeport Tigers forward Ryan Strome was named to the team. In his short time with the team, Strome managed to notch 49 points, 6th best amongst rookies. As impressive as that is, he would spend most of the year with the New York Islanders.  It’s a bit disappointing considering the fact that Providence’s Alexander “Koko” Kokhlachev earned 57 points in 61 games, good for second in the conference. Another choice may have been Portland’s Lucas Lessio, who scored 52 points in 63 games for the Pirates. Again, who votes for these AHL Awards? They’re always wrong.

kerdiles, megna, lind, faragher official

Though it was already reported over the weekend, the Admirals have made official the ATO  signings of Nic Kerdiles, Jaycob Megna, Kevin Lind, and Ryan Faragher. Kerdiles, Megna, and Faragher each have signed entry-level deals with the Ducks which will start next year.  Lind is most likely just on an ATO. Despite what the press release says, Lind has not actually signed with Anaheim as far I can tell. What may be the truth is that Lind will start on an ATO this year and eventually be signed to a one year AHL Standard Player’s Contract next year. I can’t say that is what will happen, just saying it is possible it could happen.


Kerdiles will wear 8, Megna 29, Faragher 30, Lind 40…. John Gibson may get the start again tonight against San Jose… Zack Stortini received a one-game suspension and will miss Friday’s game…


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