camp roster announced

Anaheim has yet to release their transactions for the day. Which is a shame because the Admirals have already named their initial camp roster. 

Norfolk’s camp has a lot of bodies and most should be familiar. There are still some players in the wings who are here until more cuts are announced, and a lot of them are Utah Grizzlies. Let’s meet them!


Michael Colavecchia:  RIT grad put up 29 points last year and has signed with Utah for the upcoming season.

Tyson Fawcett: 21-year-old dude is small (5’6″) but put up 49 points with the Barrie Colts last year. Needs to make a strong impression in training camp, possibly to get an ECHL look.

H.T. Lenz– Vienna, Va native put up 13 points last year for Vermont in the NCAA. He’s a bit old at 25 and has already signed with the Grizz. 

Michael Pelech– ECHL vet has actually played one game for the Admirals and put up 46 points under Jarrod Skalde in Cincinnati. Had a nice year with 44 points in Utah and has re-signed with the Grizz.

David Pacan– Another player from Skalde’s time in Cincy. Pacan put up 52 points with Skalde as the head coach. Last year, Pacan recorded 45 points for the Kalamazoo Wings. May be signed with Cincy for this year.

Danick Paquette– ECHL vet put up 49 points AND 277 PIM for Utah last year. Re-signed with the Grizz.

Norm Ezekiel– The scrapmaster himself is back. He split his time between Utah and Norfolk evenly being a GrindLine guy who mostly just tried to fight guys bigger than him (everyone).  Think he might be back with Utah, not sure.


Brendan Bell– Decade-plus pro was a PTO at Ducks camp and was last seen with Biel of the Swiss league. Racked up 33 points in last AHL season (2012-13) with the Whale.  Think he lands at least another PTO with Norfolk.

Channing Boe– ECHL vet had 12 points for the Grizz and donned an A. He’s re-signed with Utah. 

David MacDonald– Captained the Cincinnati Cylones last year, where he registered 14 points. Under Jarrod Skalde, he managed 22 points (and 117 PIM).  Has re-signed with Cincy.

Charles-Olivier Roussel– Vet of the Nashville organization was not qualified as an RFA. Spent last year in Milwaukee, where he put 17 points in 66 games.  Roussel put up 17 points in 40 games under Jarrod Skalde in Cincinnati. Has already signed with Utah. 

camp notes

Goalies are Bobkov, Faragher, and Marcoux which is to no surprise. I expect Jason LaBarbera to be put on waivers sometime this week, not sure when though. I suppose John Gibson could be sent down to start the season, however, I don’t expect it.

Jesse Blacker and Mat Clark have yet to be placed on waivers, though it should be expected soon.  They’re not going to be claimed, most likely. Josh Manson’s absence is a bit strange since he’s not fighting for time as a Ducks roster player. He did get injured and the extent might be serious, so that’s why he’s not listed as a camp body. Remember–he can be listed on the roster in the AHL and not as an IR participant. Curious to see where that ends up.

William Karlsson is not listed as he’s making a big impression in Ducks camp. I don’t know that it’s enough to get him to crack the roster. I could maybe see him in the last preseason game for Anaheim. I’d still expect him back here to start the AHL season.

Steve MacIntyre’s being listed as a defenseman and that’s kind of weird to me. Unless Skalde likes to run 7 D, I don’t see why you would do this. MacIntyre should be on your fourth line. Then again, Kevin Gagne played on the fourth line, listed as a defenseman. We’ll see how that turns out.

Norfolk plays at Charlotte on Friday at 11 A.M. and then will return back for a preseason game Saturday at Scope at 7:15. Tickets should be plenty available for that one.

As far as the regular season goes, here is a groupon!

Hockey is back in Norfolk!


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