worst behaviour

Anaheim never loved us.

I expected to lose the team. I expected the press conference. What I did not expect was not to read about any acknowledgements from the Ducks. Does it matter? Anaheim has wanted to do this forever:

Bob Murray first signed on with the Ducks in a serious management role since 2005.  During that time, Anaheim put their minor league prospects in a host of different cities.  None of them had the staying power or support that Norfolk gave them, if my measurement of Syracuse fans is any indication. I think there was more stuff behind the scenes there, but who am I to know? Speaking of our good friends the Crunch, here are some opinions:

Tampa abandoned us first, remember?

Part of this might be Howard Dolgon being Howard Dolgon, but then this tweet says management wanted team to think of themselves as Ducks. I don’t know how true that is. Emerson Etem and William Karlsson wore Norfolk Admirals beanies on Thanksgiving, which contradicts that statement. Oh yeah, more of this

1) Ken Young never wanted to sell the team 2) You can’t predict that would have happened, you just have to go with the fact that Syracuse is blessed with a nice location.

I digress there because I was weirdly angry. Which is the whole point of this–it’s anger. Anaheim did a disservice to the fans and staff in Norfolk and quite possibly everywhere else. They wanted to move on this, and it they finally had some coconspirators in their travels out west.  Movement is probably not done. Portland is affiliated with the Coyotes, and they may move.  Nothing is done yet.

Expect an announcement about the ECHL coming to Norfolk tomorrow.


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