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Not the current Indiana Pacer

Norfolk’s signing flurry continued today with the addition of Jordan Hill, the hockey player.  Hill was last season playing for the St. John’s IceCaps, appearing in 36 games last year. The defenseman had his best year in 2013-14, playing 68 games in the regular season and scoring 12 points on the team that would eventually knock a John Gibson-less Admirals from the playoffs. The defender hasn’t seen ECHL action since a brief stint with Ontario in 2012-13, before he was brought on by Bridgeport. A lower-pair guy like Hill in the AHL can be a top-pair guy in the ECHL.  The veteran rule may force Hill to sit out some games, but he will be looked upon as a cornerstone for a very young team. Hill’s signing brings the Ads up to 7 signed players, without the inclusion of Nick Pageau, who is signed with Bakersfield. A complete list of signings follows.

Norfolk Admirals Signed to ECHL Contracts for 2015-16


Kain Allicock, LW

Chase Schaber, LW/C

Nick MacNeil, C

Marcus Hinds, RW

Christophe LaLonde, LW

Alexandre Ranger, RW

Steve Whitney, C/W (8/14)

Michael Pelech, C, (8/17)

Josh Currie, RW, (8/19)

Jonathan Lessard, LW, (8/19)

Jordan Kremyr, LW, (8/19)

Andrew Radjenovic, C, (8/19)


Trevor Campbell

Jordan McNaughton

Alex Lepkowski

Tim Daly (8/14)

Joe Marciano (8/19)

Gabriel Verpaelst (8/19)

Jordan Hill (8/20)


Phillipe Cadorette

Bakersfield AHL Contracts


Matt Ford, RW

Josh Winquist, LW

Braden Christoffer, LW/C

Connor Rankin, C/LW

Alexis Loiseau, C


Nick Pageau


Ty Rimmer


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