edmonton sends 18 players to bakersfield

Most will stick in AHL

Edmonton’s finishing up what feels like a never-ending preseason, starting with assigning eighteen players to the Bakersfield Condors. Most of these players are on NHL contracts, meaning they’ll most likely get chances to stick in the AHL. Five players were previously assigned to the Condors, most of whom were AHL contracts. Bruce McCurdy of the Edmonton Journal has a well-developed post on possible depth ramifications. I have some thoughts on who might make it to the Ads:

Braden Christoffer, F , AHL Contract

Christoffer’s contract status makes him a prime candidate to move down the Coast. While he did have a strong camp showing, he’s still a rookie. Edmonton has less to lose with him, and some time in the E might be worthwhile.

Eetu Laurikainen, G, NHL Contract

I’ve written a lot about Laurikainen in this space. Numbers wise, he should be in Norfolk because of how easy his contract is to move and the depth chart. One of Ben Scrivens or Anders Nilsson is going to get moved to the AHL; I lean towards Nilsson. I’d expect them to pass waivers, but who knows with Kevin Poulin being claimed by the Lightning.

Not exactly a wide swath of players to choose from in this selection. Most of the 18 cuts will form the core of the Condors, so it would make sense that only a few players would trickle down to the ECHL level. Norfolk’s camp will convene soon, with many of the players they’ve already signed.

Training Camp Invite: Raphael Girard

Norfolk has invited goalie Raphael Girard to training camp. Girard is a Harvard graduate who spent his rookie season bouncing between ECHL Rapid City and Allen and ended up in the LNAH. Girard’s numbers were less than stellar save for a spot performance with Allen. I do not expect Girard to make the team.


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