2016 QOs

Norfolk’s choice

July 1st marks NHL Free Agency, and it’s still been incredible despite the biggest name staying home. ECHL teams are also in their own bit of contract negotiation time, as qualifying offers have been released. Teams retain exclusively negotiating terms with these players for a month (August 1), at which time they can become free agents.  Some other details apply, you can read about them at the ECHL website. To whom did the Admirals extend a QO?

Nic Riopel: Riopel was an outstanding goalie for the Ads last year and can be a good mentor for likely rookie Nick Ellis.

Scott Allen: Kind of pointless, as he’s signed with Bakersfield.

Josh Currie: Same story here.

Matt Cope: Somewhat surprised here, the Robert Morris alum played a total of 6 games and then scored a goal. Then again, that’s not much of a sample.

Connor Jones: Connor Jones mostly played in the AHL last season, but it’s always good to have options.

Nick MacNeil:  Had a bit of injury trouble, but came back with a decent performance down the stretch.

Chase Schaber: Schaber missed all of last year, more-or-less, so this a sign of good faith.

Maxime St-Cyr: St-Cyr was a late-season acquisition by Eric Veilleux, who probably thought he would play here next year.

Some players may have signed with the Admirals for next year, and therefore did not have qualifying offers. It’s unclear who those players might be, as the Admirals do not exist within the normal sphere of the ECHL.  There’s also a chance no one is signed.


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