a comprehensive plan

Want to make the Admirals better? Here’s how

Another year has arrived and the ECHL Admirals 2.0 have continued to perform below expectations. Norfolk’s year has been quite ridiculous-the kind of thing worth a book. I’ve stopped posting as much, as a result of life stuff and the sort of decline in optimism with the team for the past month. Season-ticket information for next year is circulating and it is generating quite the reaction. From what I can gather, here’s how Mango Media can return the Admirals to glory (or at least 5,000 in attendance).

1. Bring the team back into the AHL.

If there’s anything that would renew interest in the team, it’s a return to the AHL. With a new franchise in Las Vegas emerging next year, a new affiliate is needed. Honestly, that affiliate will likely be in Salt Lake City or Idaho, closer to the Golden Knights. It will create more AHL moves, and a team might find its way back to Scope. How about the Springfield Thunderbirds? Sure, they had a last-ditch effort there to keep the team in Springfield. You know what, though? Norfolk is closer to the Miami area than Springfield. (So is Tampa, but we all saw how that went). Now, we might have to avoid the fact that NHL teams appear to want their AHL teams to play a six-game schedule in a practice facility no more than three miles from the venue like they’re all middle school basketball teams. Still, it’s the only way. The only way.

2. Lower the ticket prices to like $5. 

The next step is for the tickets to go down to $5 a seat in advance (a cool $7 on game days). It’s an incredible price for the entertainment, considering how much you spend at the movies these days! Bring the whole family (assuming your family only has four people in it, because that’s the only permutation) for two tickets down at the Regal. Concessions? Well, the team has to make money somehow. A $5 ticket price would really make a point about stagnant minimum wages in this country. There is no way they could do this without also distributing tickets everywhere. By everywhere, I mean hanging outside of Field Guide and handing out tickets to everyone who eats there.

3. Have a winning team

You can’t really guarantee this item. As much as you might want to, there are several factors within the “ladder” system of North American pro sports which prevents this possibility. You can’t go out there and be Manchester City or what have you. A winning team is very helpful! With a winning team, you can get press, and winning a lot of games gets you above-the-fold headlines. This week, the Admirals would have had to compete with Regional Championships in high school basketball. You are not going to drive those stories out of the lane and dunk an Ads story without good purpose. A good purpose would be winning some ridiculous number of games in a row, like 28 or so. Anyway, we all have to want this to happen.

This is a comprehensive plan. 

Well, maybe it is not a comprehensive plan, but I think it would really make everyone happy.


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