alex pompeo re-signs with norfolk

Skater comes back for the new year

The Admirals announced the re-signing of skater Alex Pompeo for the 2017-18 season on Saturday. The timing is unusual-it’s a Saturday-but it does signal an uptick in the announcement of team building. Pompeo’s announcement comes days after goaltender Jamie Murray was introduced to the team. Fans are probably hoping for more players to come in the next few weeks.

Pompeo’s an interesting story. He originally started out as a defenseman, and was frequently up in the play during his time. In a necessary move, Pompeo found himself switching to forward. His mobility was a benefit for the coaching staff. As the Admirals note, Pompeo was injured last season. It’s worth wondering how the ailment and position change affected Pompeo’s play. For the season, Pompeo put up only 10 points. Two of these points were goals, and eight were assists. Strange fact: he split his assists evenly, with four primary assists and four secondary assists. In the coming year, one would expect that more would be asked of Pompeo.

Both Jamie Murray and Alex Pompeo were not one of the eight players extended qualifying offers by the Admirals. Their cases are slightly different. Murray was a free agent who was not retained by his previous team. Pompeo, though, may have signed before qualifying offers were extended. Players who sign beforehand do not necessarily need this juncture. I do think the Admirals will announce Paul Rodrigues as a signing, despite not being extended a qualifying offer.

Norfolk will no doubt look a lot different next year, beyond the logo change. Most of the team’s leading scorers are headed overseas, though outstanding players like Angelo Miceli, Erik Bradford, and Trevor Mingoia were brought in as reinforcements. Pompeo, and likely Paul Rodrigues and Dominic Alberga, represent a connection with the franchise.


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