A few quick odds and ends

I’ve been away from this for a couple days. I’m still trying to put a few things in place and make it look nice. As far as original content, I’m going to have that soon. It’s going to be awful, probably. First, I’m going to do a review of the different players for the Ads, broken  into three groups: Goalies, Forwards, Skaters. I’m going to try to have the goalies post up tomorrow. Here are some links!

-Ted Warren (@bauerhockeydude) has a nice interview up with Pete Michaud, announcer for the Ads. Don’t forget to follow Pete @AdmiralsVoice.

-Matt Smaby has been signed by EHC Red Bull Munchen of the DEL according to various reports from usually reliable sources on Twitter. The veteran D-man is a pending UFA. With declining ice time in the AHL and an increase in age, Europe was likely his best option.

-Vancouver’s new AHL team will likely be in Utica, sort-of confirming rumors from earlier this season. I don’t expect a move to the Eastern Conference for the team; possibly a switch with Abbotsford in terms of divisions. via @JGHoughtaling


Uverse Sports has another Ads doc

Uverse Sports has another Ads doc

ATT’s UVerse fiber-optic service has its own channels, and one is about sports, apparently. I don’t know why UVerse even has a show about the Ads since you can’t get it in the area, as far as I know. Another episode appeared earlier in the year, it’s gone now. The new episode has plenty of screen time with the coaches, PL3, Mat Clark, Chris Wagner, Pat Maroon, Nate Guenin, Rod Pelley, and DSP, among others. 

The host can’t pronounce Norfolk and is superflous. 

HT: Anaheim Calling’s Shawn Dulin (@ShawnDulin) and Twitter user @desishevlin

june is perfect for hockey/About

Hockey, this year, has seen one of its most interesting seasons in recent history. This holds true of the locked out and seasoned-shortened NHL as well as the briefly extra-star-power-added AHL. One of the more notable AHL story lines-beyond things like a bunch of #1 picks playing for the OKC Barons-was that of the new look Syracuse Crunch. It struck a particular chord with me, of course, because I’m a Norfolk Admirals fan.

After the ridiculous season that happened last year and the disheartening summer that followed, Norfolk fans had a completely new look at the AHL. Gone were faces that had played beneath the Scope (get it? ha) for a few years, and in were a new bunch of players.  Over the course of last year, we grew to know them and add a new rival in the Eastern Division.

Personally, this year found me getting as deep into hockey as I’ve ever been, reading every dumb morsel I could found. I’ve got a respect for advanced stats and a disappointment that they don’t exist on the AHL level. Bored and looking for an outlet, I figured I’d start this blog. Let’s see if it keeps going.

What to Expect From Beneath the Scope

Hockey has some of the most entertaining and original blogs I’ve read in sports (probably second to college football if you’re asking). I’m trying to keep up with that by making a light-hearted and well-informed site about the Ads. I’m going to try my damnedest to be the best independent AHL blog. Or at least second best. Or at least losing the bronze medal game in a shootout.

Really, all that I ask is you refrain from using plus/minus in discussions.