schaber to europe, vandane to elmira

Does anyone realize you need hockey players on a hockey team?

Chase Schaber, who was given a qualifying offer by the Admirals, has signed with the Fife Flyers of the English Ice Hockey League. Schaber is another in a long list of departures from last year’s Ads team, which has signaled no ECHL signings for the upcoming year. Schaber played in a scant two games last year due to injury, so it isn’t totally beyond reason he would end up on another team. Europe may provide him with better opportunities.

Adding to this mess is defenseman Davis Vandane signing with (former division rival) Elmira. Vandane was not given a qualifying offer, nor was he a high-scoring blueliner, but he did appear in fifteen games for Norfolk. Keeping him around may have shown some stability going forward for a team in a sticky transition. As of right now, the Admirals have no team to speak of beyond hoping for AHL contract assignments from Bakersfield. ┬áPart of this may be the Admirals either choosing not to publicly comment on any of their players. It might also show some organizational dysfunction. Edmonton-who’ve become synonymous with disorganization-show a respectable amount of support for the Condors and the Western Hockey League’s Edmonton Oil Kings. Norfolk needs that support as a product of OEG. Without, the team doesn’t run as well as it could or should.

At this point, I’d write a story about a player coming to the Admirals if they contacted me. My Twitter account is the best place to reach me, @BeneathScope. It’s frustrating to see inaction near these critical dates.



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